martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Blues and Rock

LP Unlimited Vol 02

01-Albert Castiglia - Drowning At The Bottom
02-Alan Haynes - Here In The Dark
03-Gary B.B. Coleman - Welfare Cadillac
04-Aynsley Lister - Dishevelled
05-Gary Moore - That's Why I Play The Blues
06-Royal Southern Brotherhood - I Wonder Why
07-Robert Ward - Whatever I Receive
08-Les Paul & Friends - Somebody Ease My Troublin' Mind
09-Danny Cowan Group - Lonesome Heart Blues
10-Vince Agwada - Eyes of the City
11-Sena Ehrhardt - Last Chance
12-Zed Mitchell - Hidden In Someone's Heart
13-Roy Roberts - What Should 100?
14-Chris Rea - Hobo Love Blues
15-John Lee Hooker - You Know I Love You
16-Heather 'Lil' Mama' Hardy - Why?
17-Eric Gales - Sometimes Wrong Feels Right
18-Joe Cocker - I Put A Spell On You